Covid-19: We're still here for you

3, 2020

PLEASE NOTE we have been deemed an 'Essential Business' and will be operating as usual over the Covid-19 lockdown time (however long it is).  We will however be running on reduced staff levels.

We have been in touch with our key suppliers and they are able to supply us with most parts that may be required to complete jobs.

If you are also an 'Essential Business' and operating through the lockdown, we are available to assist you with any servicing requirements you may have.

If you have a job that you require our assistance with, our first preference would be that you courier the job to us. If this is not possible, or you work close to our office, feel free to drop the job into us and we will ensure the necessary safety precautions are taken to keep everyone safe.

Our preference over this time is not to carry out any site visits, but if this is required we will make arrangements on a case by case basis.

If you have any queries, please contact us in the first instance by phoning Wayne on 021 256 8402 or email to Please do not ring our business landline.

As you will appreciate, things are changing very quickly and whilst the above are our plans at this point in time, they are subject to change.

Kind regards.

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